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Committed to the success of your business

Stocking your jewelry business has never been easier! Save your valuable time and leave the hard part to us.


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​We celebrate your success as ours

Soulmate by Sane Jewelry is a family business, dedicated to the wholesale selling of jewelry, which has been providing services to customers in the American market for over 15 years.


The work team is made up of specialists and consultants in the jewelry sector and market trends, who, through their expertise and commitment to our customers, offer timeless and exclusive jewelry in 18K gold. Providing jewelry stores and e-commerces with the best quality pieces, to ensure the success of their business.


Our necklace collection


Our bracelet collection

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Our collection of Charms

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Our chain collection

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Our Ring Collection

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Our collection of Earrings 

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Our collection of Men's Jewelry

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Our collection of Pendants

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Our Children's Jewelry Collection

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Events and Shows

Learn all about our participation in events, trade shows and much more...


FIRJA Jewelry Show in Brazil

 At FIRJA  our customers had the opportunity to discover the most complete variety and quality of our 18K gold jewelry collections. As always, it was wonderful to meet our partners in person.


Orlando, FL. United States | Rio de Janeiro - RJ. Brazil

 +1 (407) 684-6191  

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